YouTube Social Media Profile Template

If you’ve used any of our social media profile Photoshop templates, you’ve likely noticed one that’s missing: YouTube. Even if you just use the site to browse videos, you still have a channel of your own that you can customize. But even though your YouTube profile can be an important part of your brand, we’re not posting a template.

Wait, What?

The reason we decided not to make a YouTube template is quite simple: Google already has one.


In addition to a sizing guide for your channel art, you can also download a simple Photoshop and Fireworks template from their website. Their handy little guide includes image size specifications that accommodate extremely high resolution displays, and even lets you know where you can and can’t put your logo if you want it to show up on every variation of the responsive layout.

So, kudos to you, Google! At least one of your profiles is easy to update, and doesn’t seem to change every few months

Download Google’s awesome YouTube template here.

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