WordPress 4.0: A New Backend

wordpress_4_0On September 4th, 2014 WordPress released version 4.0 to the public and here’s our quick run down for you.

First off, it should be perfectly safe to update your site, but as always remember to back up first!

The enhancements are 99% user interface on the back end, and a few developer goodies that most of our clients wont need to dive into for their site maintenance.

  • Intuitive Editing with a new page / post edit screen (YES! You can write those long blog posts AND have access to your formatting tool bar at the same time!)
  • Seamless Media Embeds allow you to preview embedded media in the edit screen for posts and pages
  • New Plugin Browser for those of you seeking new plug ins
  • New Media Library grid that makes is so much easier to manage your media library.
  • and a few developer goodies!

I’ll leave you with a quick video overview of the new features, and wish you all happy blogging!

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