WordPress 3.9: The End of the Chain of Updates (We Hope)

wordpress_39There’s one great thing about WordPress: their developer team never seems to take a break.

Unlike the smaller updates over the last two weeks, WordPress 3.9 is actually a full release, complete with a name: “Smith,” after jazz organist Jimmy Smith. This time, you’ll actually notice some changes to your visual editor, including:

  • Quick access to crop and rotation tools for images
  • In-text pasting from Microsoft Word and other programs (without the messy formatting!)
  • Drag and drop images
  • Updates to the media gallery and tools

For the developers out there, 3.9 has a few nice features as well. Themes can use HTML5 markups for galleries, the widget customizer has been revamped, and there are a variety of new utility functions. For the full list of changes, check out the codex for this release.

This release was sent out on April 16th, so your plugins might not have been updated yet. This makes it extremely important that you back up your site before you upgrade it, just in case something goes wrong. If you would like help updating your site, let us know.

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