WordPress 3.8.1

wordpress381One of the things we love about WordPress is the constant stream of updates and fixes. Seriously, their maintenance team knows how to stay on the ball. It’s only been six weeks since WP 3.8 was released, and they’ve already got 3.8.1 up and running.

What’s New:

This update is largely a maintenance package, containing bug fixes and a few coding changed for developers. But there are a few nice things you’ll notice as you use your WordPress site:

  • The dashboard has been tweaked, adding borders to certain admin features and fixing a few color scheme bugs.
  • Tweets now embed properly – you can paste the URL of a tweet into your blog post, and it will show up just like an image or YouTube video.
  • “Submit” buttons have been fixed, so you won’t be uselessly clicking on a broken link.

Unless you’ve specified otherwise, your site should update to 3.8.1 automatically. So far, there are no reported plugin errors – but as always, you should remember to back up your site frequently, so if something does go wrong, it can easily be resolved.

Happy updating!

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