WordPress 3.5: Is it Time to Upgrade?

WordPress 3.5Those of you using WordPress have likely noticed that WordPress 3.5: Elvin is available. Major updates to your site can cause issues, so we’ve gathered a few tips to help make the process smoother.

WordPress 3.5 is a Major Upgrade.

Be careful before pressing that upgrade button. Some of your plugins may not be compatible with 3.5, and upgrading could break your site. As with any other site change, be sure that all of your information is completely backed up, and double check plugin compatibility.

Media Options have Changed.

One of the biggest changes affecting your regular blogging practices is the new system for inserting images into blog posts. The “Insert Image” button is gone, replaced by an “Add Media” button at the top left of your post editing option. Adding images still works in roughly the same way, but there are a few design changes that can take some getting used to. One cool new feature is that you can insert multiple images at a time with Shift/Ctrl+click.

A Few Other Tweaks

There are a few other changes you might notice as you navigate your WordPress site. Navigation is now easier for mobile devices, and their new blog theme, Twenty Twelve, follows a responsive design. Your dashboard should have a new welcome screen, and a new color picker has been added for backgrounds and other admin screens. This update did not address any security issues, although there are minor bug fixes.

We recommend upgrading to WordPress 3.5, and have found that our standard plug in suite is compatible. If you would like assistance upgrading your WordPress installation on a site we have built for you, please contact us.

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