What’s with all the Pluses?

A special character can add an extra flair to your brand name, especially in a logo. The occasional hyphen, accent, or even ampersand turn an ordinary word into something visually interesting.

That said, what’s with all the pluses?

The most obvious culprit is Google+.


The “+” sign makes sense here, since it’s referring to the “+1” feature. It’s logical, the symbol refers to a search engine operator, and it’s easy to remember.

And then we have toothpaste.


They have Crest Wintergreen+, Crest Whitening+, and countless other permutations.

You can also find a plus sign on lotion:

Clinique-Dramatically-Different-Plus lotion-plus-200mllotion_plus-500x500

And this random guy’s album:


Of course, this is just with the actual plus sign. If you look at products with the word “plus” tagged onto the end, you’ll never see the end of them. From “Protein Plus” Powerbars to “Plus” cereal to “Office Plus” software, there appears to be nothing that can’t be made more exciting with the addition of a plus.

Why a “Plus” is Actually a Minus

The key to a good company or product name is to find something that is associated with what you do, unique enough to stand out, and appealing to your target audience. Google+ gets away with it by creating an association between the + sign and their actual service. Crest + rides the line – they aren’t renaming their entire service, but the plus sign isn’t particularly creative.

The problem with adding a plus sign to your product is that you aren’t setting yourself apart from the crowd. It may be trendy to add that “+” right now, but it doesn’t say anything unique about you or your brand. In a few years, no one is going to know why your plus sign is relevant.

Instead, find a way to make your product stand out on its own merits. There’s something unique and interesting about your product or service, something that makes it stand out to clients. If you focus on that instead of a trendy naming convention, you’ll have far better results.

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