What the All-Stars Were Wearing

Last night was the All-Star game for Major League baseball. We couldn’t make it to the Met’s stadium, unfortunately, but we spent the evening watching Cargo, Tulo, and Cuddy be absolutely awesome as always. (Go Rockies!)

One of the fun parts of the All-Star game is that everyone wears their home team’s uniform. (Never mind the fact that it’s against the rules to wear a different uniform from your teammates in any MLB game.) It’s the American League versus the National League, but there aren’t any distinguishing colors other than “home” vs. “away” team colors. It’s been that way since the first game in 1933, when the National League players had matching uniforms and the American League players just stuck with their normal wear.

Of course, that doesn’t mean uniforms for the All-Star game don’t exist. Every year, special uniforms are designed and worn during batting practice, during the Home Run derby, and for other game-related events. But when the actual game rolls around, it’s back to representing your team.

We wanted to have a look at these under-used uniforms, and we figured you would, too. So here’s what the All-Stars are wearing, at least up until game day.

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