What Everybody Ought to Know about Search Engine Optimization…

Guest post by Mike Belasco—Mike, the Internet Guy

Having the best looking website in the world, while important, won’t get you the customers you need. Your website needs traffic (otherwise known as customers) to visit your website and purchase your goods and services. So how do you get the traffic you need to be successful? One way is to attract users performing searches on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The process of getting your website to start showing up on search engines like Google and Yahoo is called search engine optimization or SEO.

To perform search engine optimization on a website, there are two phases that need to take place. The first phase is called on-page optimization and the second phase is called off-page optimization. In the on-page optimization phase your SEO consultant will start by analyzing target keywords for your website. These keywords will then be used strategically on your website to make your pages search engine friendly or “relevant” to those targeted terms. In the off-page optimization phase, your SEO consultant will obtain “links” from other websites that point into your website. Another name for off-page optimization is link building. You can think of a link to your site as a “vote” for your site.

Links are one of the biggest factors for search engines when deciding which sites to rank and in which order. While the two phases may seem simple, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. There are also many mistakes that can be made in both phases that could possibly get your website banned from the search engines, so be careful who you work with!

Search engine optimization is an important concept that needs to be considered when developing marketing plans and budgets. Almost every industry could benefit by receiving relevant targeted traffic to their website. Some industries are more competitive than others, so it is important to figure out the best tactics to use for your website to succeed. Remember just putting up a website isn’t going to get you the kind of traffic you would like. You’ve got to optimize. Now you know, what you ought to know, about search engine optimization!

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Mike Belasco is the owner of Mike, The Internet Guy, a search engine optimization company in Denver. Mike specializes in helping websites realize their potential on the internet through search engine optimization and paid search campaigns. Contact Mike for more info on optimizing your website.

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