From the Phases Design Studio Portfolio

Improved Site Functionality Leads to Enhanced Revenue

WeeklyPlus is a localized online coupon store that harnesses the power of collective buying to offer customers great deals on great products.

Faced with a highly competitive market, WeeklyPlus enlisted Phases to assist with the architecture and design of their new website. In addition to creating the brand, our initial project scope included working closely with their in-house developers to develop the site architecture, address page load requirements for a highly active and graphics-intensive site, and deal with known usability issues from their previous site.

The Solution :: A purposeful interactive facelift

We crafted a design based on our previous branding work for WeeklyPlus, using design and brand messaging to clarify the uses and purpose of the site. We continue to provide ongoing support to increase conversion rates through updated graphics and site user interface, as well as off-line and online marketing efforts.

The Results :: Better overall site performance

  • 50% faster page load speeds
  • 70% increase in conversions
  • Increased revenue
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