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A few weeks ago, we ran a series on client education. Building a relationship with your client is vital to the success of any project; you educate them on the design process, they educate you about their branding needs and goals. To start off the New Year, we wanted to share one of our client stories with you. (And over the holiday vacation, Kandra had a little surprise come in the mail—newly designed credit and debit cards! It’s really exciting to see your own design in action!)

Seven years ago, a printer brought us a small project. One of their clients, Westerra Credit Union, needed assistance with their newsletter layout. After loving our work on their newsletter, they brought us a few more projects. And then a few more. Today, we have a wonderful working relationship with the folks over at Westerra that has evolved from years of trust (and brand) building, and assisted them with launching a new website last year.

Our years working with their marketing department have really helped us understand their identity and goals. Westerra came to us with 80 years of experience and customer recognition. Their name, which means “land of the west”, and their logo were an image already established in their community. By helping them implement their brand – “I love my credit union” – we’ve come to love them too.

When they started offering business accounts in 2012, we were the first to open one. Our favorite thing about working with Westerra is that we are marketing something we really believe in. We’re working with a local service, and they know our names when we walk in the door. The personal attention and high standard of customer service they provide is something you just can’t find anywhere else.

Our long working relationship with Westerra is the biggest reason we were so excited to get our new debit and credit cards in the mail. A few months ago, we were able to work with Westerra to redesign all of the existing personal account cards, as well as design new cards for the business accounts.

The redesign had two main goals: we needed cards that were distinct enough to avoid confusion between accounts, but still easily recognizable as part of the same overall brand. With the new designs, each card has its own distinct image, and the business account cards clearly stand apart from the personal account cards.

We love working with Westerra as both designers and account holders. Over the years, we’ve come to understand and love their brand. They are one of our longest standing clients, and the history we have with them helps us on every project they send our way.


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