Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns

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2015 MarCom Gold Recipient: Site Remodel

Judged to exceed the high standards of the industry norm for website design and user interface.

Complete Branding Package and Marketing Services for Colorado Start-up Company

Une Belle Vie was founded in 2009 by Melody and Mike Jamali when they were unable to find a cremation urn for their son, who had been killed in an accident, that reflected the emotions they were feeling and expressed Eric’s personality.

Une Belle Vie is, in part, a way for Mike and Melody to honor Eric’s memory by providing custom and artistic cremation urns to people seeking a unique way to memorialize their own deceased loved ones. To successfully turn this idea into a business, they needed to create a brand that was artistic, spiritual, compassionate and celebratory. At the same time, it was necessary for us to overcome the industry’s image as crass and transaction-focused.

The Solution :: Combining a compassionate image with an aggressive strategy

Our first task was to create a name that evoked warm, loving feelings of remembrance. In French, “Une Belle Vie,” means “a beautiful life,” which is how Mike and Melody choose to remember the time they shared with Eric. Next, we developed a logo whose soft curves and swirls evoke the “circle of life.” The colors are a soothing palette of burgundy, cream, and cafe au laít, while the content is compassionate and non-salesy.

We created and implemented a multi-pronged web strategy that includes e-commerce, useful information and community building based around their blog, Search Engine Optimization and a strong Social Media push. Print materials included business cards and stationery, brochures and trade show collateral.

The success of Une Belle Vie out of the gate, as well as its continuing growth, is a testament to the power of trusting, peer relationships to build great brands and great businesses.

The Results :: A full branding, marketing and SEO package

Une Belle Vie has become a successful and growing online retailer of artistic and custom cremation urns, and their website is a destination and a resource for people seeking information about cremation.

  • Name, logo, and tagline as part of a complete brand strategy development and implementation
  • Website and print collateral
  • On-going Inbound Marketing including SEO and Social Media efforts
  • Branded SEO messaging and copywriting
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