Twitter Profile Template Updated 2012

You may have noticed a few changes to your Twitter page recently. Earlier this month, Twitter rolled over all users to their new profile. The overall look is the same, but there’s one big difference: a customizable header image behind your profile picture. We wouldn’t end the year with an outdated social media template – that would just be mean. So we updated our smart object twitter background template to work with the new layout.

Download the new template, or read on for more details.

How it Works

Just like the old version, our new template uses editable smart objects to give you a visualization of your twitter profile. Click on the highlighted layers to edit. Once you save an object, the entire profile will automatically update. Isn’t that cool? The template is set up to export a jpeg preview of the final layout, in case you’re building a profile for a client. Once you have the seal of approval, you can easily export the individual elements, and input them using Twitter’s customization options. For more instructions, check out our original tutorial on customizing your Twitter profile using our Photoshop template.

What You Can Edit

In this version of the template, you can edit and preview your:

  • Profile background image
  • Header image
  • Custom text at the top of the page
  • Profile picture
  • Link colors (select all the layers, and you can updated all links in just a few clicks!)

Basically, everything that Twitter lets you customize, we’ve made easy. Preview large – or small – changes to your profile ahead of time, hassle free.

Happy Holidays, and we’ll see you in the new year!

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