Tucson Local Bands

From the Phases Design Studio Portfolio

COVID Won’t Silence the Music

TucsonLocalBands.com was envisioned long before COVID hit the USA, but the crisis put a fire under the implementation of the site. As local venues closed, local musicians began to suffer in more ways than we could imagine. Without venues to perform, there was no music being shared, musicians were out of work, and spirits were sinking.

The launch of the new website took just 11 days and TucsonLocalBands.com now provides virtual events, listings of current live events, and more through their site.

Build with the Astra Theme and The Events Calendar plugin for WordPress, this community site allows fans, bands, and solo artists to connect, list upcoming gigs, and even fill virtual tip jars to keep the music playing.

As a non-profit organization the ultimate goal for Tucaon Local Bands is to be able to provide support for the entire music community. This includes funding grants to provide everything from new guitar strings to paying medical bills.

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