Top Notch Customer Service Is Teamwork Project Manager’s Killer App

About 6 months ago, Phases migrated our project management systems from Basecamp to Teamwork Project Manager – 2 web-based products that take the place of a desktop app like Microsoft Project. Now, I don’t usually take the time out to write a blog about a product/service that we use, but over the past few months I have been so impressed with Teamwork that I just had to take some time and let everyone know about this fantastic company!

Why We Moved

To put it simply, I felt as if the studio had outgrown Basecamp. There was no easy way to archive files once they were uploaded to the site, scheduling across projects was time consuming; we always found ourselves needing a feature that was not there, and updates were far and few between.

So we began to search for an alternative.

We demoed a few products, and Teamwork seemed to have most of the features we were looking for—not all, but most. The biggie was the ability to download files in batches. So we migrated our Basecamp data (yup, they offer a direct import from your Basecamp account!) to the new system and updated our clients.

Almost instant feedback response

After a few months I found an annoyance in the scheduling options, so I thought I would try out the feedback option. To my utmost surprise I had a response from one of the developers the same day. My request was a bit complex, but guess what? They have it scheduled for implementation!

Over the next several months I noticed a few little things that would make my daily chores much easier, so I used the feedback form again. And to my delight, I got the same speedy response from the guys at Teamwork with just one difference: some of my suggestions / requests had been implemented within just a day or two of my request! I felt like a kid in the candy store when I was using the new options that I had requested.

We’re from the Internet. We’re here to help you.

Today’s internet offers almost countless products and companies that are supposed to make our work-lives easier and more convenient. And while this is often true, because we no longer have to leave our desks, go down to the store and talk to other human beings in person, we end up missing the personal touch of a store front business.

Teamwork’s ability to supply the missing link of personalized client service is what sets their brand experience apart from other Web-based companies and what has made me into a brand evangelist. Kudos to Sam, Dan and everyone at Teamwork for the phenomenal customer service and fantastic product.

Here are just a few Teamwork Project Manager features that rocked our world:

  • Notebooks: a way to easily share content with your team.
  • Bulk file downloads: just check off the files you want and click the download button. Yup. That’s it.
  • Risk Register: record and manage everything that might put a hiccup in your schedule.
  • Resources: compile a list of resources (websites, google documents, anything and everything) that others on your team might need.
  • File associations with messages: This one was fantastic to discover.  You can attach any file to a message after it has been uploaded, or upload a new file to the message.
  • Task scheduling: (recommended by yours truly!) Reschedule an entire task list by “pushing” back the dates and maintaining time frame between each task.
  • Calendar: Quickly view all activities across projects, and even schedule items independent of a project.

Check out the full list of project management tools the service offers for yourself, and don’t forget to look over the roadmap for future enhancements.

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2 Comments on “Top Notch Customer Service Is Teamwork Project Manager’s Killer App

    I am a bit sad that you have already transferred from Basecamp to Teamwork without having found web crm yet. Those features you discussed can be done by Worketc as well as few more features like setting sales actions and alerts, automatically converting leads to quote, project, or invoice , client collaboration, timesheet and milestone billing, plus billing integration– which could be useful to your organization. Should you need future enhancement, worketc is worth looking at.

    I agree with this post. Teamworkpm rocks! One of the reasons is because the Client access looks exactly like the administrator access (minus the tabs you have the option of turning off). has a FANTASTIC back-end for administrators, but the Client Portal is severely lacking. I signed up for a free trial based on all the features they have on their site (which again are great) but once I created my account and then created a client account, I was extremely disappointed to see how the Client Portal did and does not match the quality and automation capabilities of the administrator end (for instance, Clients cannot collaborate on projects – they can only view the name of a project). Anyway, I don’t want that to diminish from the fact that they have a great product that just needs more tweaking on the Client Portal to make it a really great system.

    Overall, I have been looking into a lot of these systems as we too are migrating and am discovering that even the ones that look pretty or have lots of features, still have work to do from a Client user perspective. So far, teamworkpm seems to have mastered this area by making the decision to have the client access mimic the administrator access. Glad to use them, just wish they had CRM and Email Marketing included to make it a complete solution- oh and that they only charged per user rather than by projects and users.