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Giving Voice to Your Brand

The Voice Customer Service Training was founded to offer customizable training programs that would help small businesses increase sales and provide a higher return on their marketing investment through excellence in customer service. They came to us in need of a unique, professional and memorable image that would make it clear to their audience what exactly they offered.

The Solution :: Help The Voice wake up a dreary category

To help differentiate and position The Voice, we had to look deeply at their competition as well as their own business model. One of the major challenges was to take a business category that didn’t exactly scream “excitement,” and help give our client the shot of adrenalin it needed stand out in an industry dominated visually by ugly, outdated DIY websites and clip art logos.

The Voice’s dedication to excellence and our commitment to creativity combined to produce a unique brand presence that’s head and shoulders above its competition in regards to the brand’s look and feel and – of course – its voice.

The Results :: A logo and collateral that shout excellence loud and clear

  • Logo
  • Business cards
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Course work book
As we look  forward to the future with our ambitions to grow, we are excited about our new look. We believe it will be around for a long time to come. We thank Kandra Churchwell, Creative Director at Phases Design Studio for her creativity, outstanding implementation and exceptional customer service.
Beth Boen, The VOICE
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