A Strong Brand Builds Strong, Healthy Communities

The Denver Office of Drug Strategy (DODS) Prevention Arm is the division of DODS tasked with actually going into Denver communities and talking to kids about staying off drugs and away from alcohol. But their constituents also include those kids’ parents and the other community organizations and funders dealing with teen health issues. They came to us looking for a brand that could effectively communicate with all three of these target audiences credibly – and without falling prey to DARE-level cheesiness. @import url(https://www.designfiles.net/wp-content/plugins/siteorigin-panels/css/front-flex.css); #pgc-5148-0-0 , #pgc-5148-1-0 , #pgc-5148-2-0 { width:100%;width:calc(100% – ( 0 * 30px ) ) } #pg-5148-0 , #pg-5148-1 , #pg-5148-2 , #pl-5148 .so-panel , #pl-5148 .so-panel:last-child { margin-bottom:0px } #pg-5148-1> .panel-row-style { background-color:#ececec;padding:2em 2em 2em 2em } #pg-5148-1.panel-no-style, #pg-5148-1.panel-has-style > .panel-row-style { -webkit-align-items:flex-start;align-items:flex-start } @media (max-width:780px){ #pg-5148-0.panel-no-style, #pg-5148-0.panel-has-style > .panel-row-style , #pg-5148-1.panel-no-style, #pg-5148-1.panel-has-style > .panel-row-style , #pg-5148-2.panel-no-style, #pg-5148-2.panel-has-style > .panel-row-style { -webkit-flex-direction:column;-ms-flex-direction:column;flex-direction:column } #pg-5148-0 .panel-grid-cell , #pg-5148-1 .panel-grid-cell , #pg-5148-2 .panel-grid-cell { margin-right:0 } #pg-5148-0 .panel-grid-cell , #pg-5148-1 .panel-grid-cell , #pg-5148-2 .panel-grid-cell { width:100% } #pl-5148 .panel-grid-cell { padding:0 } #pl-5148 .panel-grid .panel-grid-cell-empty { display:none } #pl-5148 .panel-grid .panel-grid-cell-mobile-last { margin-bottom:0px } }

The Solution :: What’s in a name?

The great thing about this project was that we got to rebuild their brand from scratch, coming up with a name, tagline, logo, and top level messaging. The whole package had to come across as edgy but informative, honest and straightforward, and to appeal to all three sets of constituents simultaneously.

The new name is Denver RAP (Denver Resource for Awareness and Prevention), which is edgy, but still lets you know what the organization is all about. The tagline is “A community resource for youth and the families who love them,” which clarifies the mission of Denver RAP. The logo needed to say “healthy and wholesome,” while retaining enough edge to appeal to kids normally turned off by that kind of potentially lame imagery and messaging.

The Results :: A brand apart

  • A hip name that appeals to multiple audiences with varied needs
  • An informative, clarifying tagline
  • An edgy logo that will still appeal across several demographics
  • Top level messaging for print, web and merchandising applications
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