A few flattering words from partners, clients, and companies I’ve worked with over the years.

Once again, thank you for all your hard work on this project. It obviously means a lot to Mike and me, but your complete dedication was not only very impressive but pretty unbelievable. Mike and I have worked in high-end retail and legal industries for many years and we have never been fortunate enough to work with such a great team of very talented individuals. We are very lucky to have met you.
Mike and Melody

Mike Homepage
Mike Belasco

Phases did a great job walking us through the branding process and explaining the why and how behind every decision. Our new brand is about more than just visuals; it’s about how everything, from our name to our internal company culture, works together. Since we implemented the changes, our services have more continuity, and our team has more confidence as a whole.

We have worked with Phases on many projects, and each time we learn to value their services more and more.
From last-minute designs on a tight deadline to thoughtful and well-implemented campaigns, like the Rapids season sponsorship materials, they always come through.
It’s been a pleasure working with Kandra and her team through the years and we look forward to many more.

Phases Design Studio branded and set up a website for our non-profit organization. They helped develop our tagline and logo, and handled all the design, coding and setup work for the site.

Kandra and her team were creative, competent, and responsive; they turned our high-priority job around extremely quickly, but without sacrificing the creativity and quality of the work. We love Phases Design Studio.

Arif Headshots 23rd Studios Photography 2
Arif Gangii
Managing Partner - Neon Rain Interactive

Kandra is easy to work with, creative, and very professional. They are thoughtful and very thorough when approaching a project, which always leads to greater customer satisfaction and improved results. We are thankful to have met the team at Phases and look forward to continuing to work with them.

Kandra always went the extra mile to make sure our team was happy and taken care of. We’re really happy with the final designs, and the branding process gave us some valuable insights into how we should communicate the strengths of our business to the public. We love our new brand!

One of the reasons Phases Design Studio is so great to work with is that Kandra is able to step in and seamlessly integrate with our internal marketing staff. We’ve used them for our print pieces for years and Kandra’s print background combined with the creative content her team develops make for consistently interesting and effective work.”

Kandra is knowledgeable and creative. We move fast and we really appreciate everything Kandra brings to our team. She meets our design needs across all mediums with efficient, quality work.

Erika Tenney
Geoff Tenney
Owner, GMT Stoneworks

They helped bring my needs and wishes to an organized and easily navigated presence on the web. The process was extremely easy and was a learning experience for me as well. I learned more about the importance of branding my company, having a corporate vision and how that will help me grow my company. I have always thought these were lessons for larger, chain companies but Phases helped me see the importance of it, even for small businesses. Thank you so much!

Jennifer Williams
Owner - Buzz 4 Help, LLC

I hired Phases Design Studio to create a new logo and apply it to various written materials, including business cards, stationery, and marketing pieces. I found them to be very professional and Kandra, in particular, was extremely knowledgeable. Kandra took the time to review where we had been, recommendations we had been given by others and our own thoughts on how Buzz 4 Help should be portrayed in the future. I believe Kandra’s investigative approach and the additional input she provided along the way were the primary keys to the project’s success. Our new look has definitely taken Buzz 4 Help to the next level and for that reason, I highly recommend Phases Design Studio.

Lori Ohlson
Rev. Lori Ohlson, MA, LPC
Executive Director, People House

Kandra’s creativity and ability to get “under the skin” of our organization is a powerful combination. Through her sensitivity and exceptional listening skills, she brought forth a logo that is exactly right for us – and on one try!! We’ve had nothing but positive feedback on the logo from colleagues and clients alike. I was so relieved when Kandra volunteered her time to our cause; her professionalism and warm approach made the process much easier for us “lay-people.” We are so grateful for her skill, good heart and generous nature. All this led us to hire her company to do our web site revamp, and we are more than pleased with that as well. Thank you, Kandra; we hope you’ll continue to be a part of the People House family.

Michael A. Smith

Phases Design Studio creatively and professionally produced Peak Communication’s trade dress and every other company and marketing resource we use. As a start-up company specializing in the sales of telecommunications equipment and services, we required everything necessary to present an impressive and exciting image of the business to potential customers. Armed with our suggestions, vision and preferred concepts, Phases transformed those into an attractive and impressive logo, mark, and a high-quality letterhead and proposal design, that they then applied to the company’s web site and marketing materials.

Mrs. Churchwell has fine attention to detail, and highly developed creative and practical inspiration. Her work product is emblematic of her skills, and her personal and professional attributes show through in each and every piece she generates. In our opinion, Phases Design Studio is a one stop shop with skills and abilities that rival the larger and more expensive marketing firms and ad designers.

As we look forward to the future with our ambitions to grow, we are excited about our new look. We believe it will be around for a long time to come. We thank Kandra Churchwell, Creative Director at Phases Design Studio for her creativity, outstanding implementation, and exceptional customer service.

Don Hunter
Don Hunter
HP Automotive

After working for someone else as an automotive technician for 15 years, I found the resources and necessity to start my own business. This process required designing a logo, moving my business, and contacting my current customer base. Phases Design Studio was able to get all of this done, plus help me with a temporary sign, letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. My customers all comment how great all of my materials look. All of my concerns were addressed quickly and each revision just got better and better.

1 20 09 S Lewis
Stephanie Lewis
Lew West Business Consultants

We gave Phases Design Studio the general impression of what we wanted to convey and it seemed our ideas became hard copy proofs immediately. Phases Design Studio cheerfully made each step virtually pain free – from the design of the Logo and marketing packages to the coordinated Web site development. Thanks to Phases Design Studio, we are better defined than ever before.

Tamara Barnes

We have quite a few demanding clients, and many of them don’t know much about advertising. Kandra has been absolutely wonderful in dealing with all of our tight deadlines and odd requests. In addition, the quality of her work and her knowledge of the printing process is remarkable. Phases Design Studio has become a real asset to us and we look forward to working with them for a long time to come.

Dan McMullen
Budget Framer

Our mission was to successfully launch new franchisees in the competitive Custom Picture Framing market using primarily direct mail. Phases Design Studio worked closely with us to plan and build the right messaging and color schemes to maximize the impact at an affordable cost. Clients responded, and the results were immediate.

Samantha Ward Ertenberg
CTIR/GCIS, University of Denver

I work at a community outreach center which produces educational curriculum for teachers worldwide. As our production levels rose and our distribution reach expanded, we wanted our books to look more professional. Not only did Phases convert our Word files into InDesign, but they also created a sleek and teacher friendly format for our books. As a result, we moved from portraying an image of a small outreach center to portraying an image of a professional curriculum development center. Quick, creative, and flexible, I look forward to working with Phases on our upcoming publications.

Chris Hickey
Chris Hickey

Our company has been partnering with Phases for years, consistently helping each others’ clients with web design and development, branding, organic SEO, paid search marketing and more.

We provide organic Search Engine Optimization services. Phases is one of our most trusted partners because they’re one of the few web design companies that understand not only how to integrate SEO-friendly coding, design and content when developing a website, but why it’s so important.

Whether you’re looking for a website redesign or are starting fresh, I recommend Kandra and her team because they understand how to make a website that looks great, works well, and – working with us – attracts plenty of good traffic.

In addition to the great print design, specialty merchandise, and messaging they provided for our trade show materials and stationery, they were an excellent resource for general marketing consulting and branding advice.

The process was great – Kandra was very proactive regarding communications and even when there was a small hiccup with the printing, they made sure to keep us in the loop.

We’re happy to recommend Phases to our clients and other strategic partners.

Phases is a perfect balance of creativity and professionalism. Their ideas are fresh and well researched, and their ability to seamlessly merge into our business is nothing short of remarkable. Phases content is scripted in a manner that is absolutely spot on and engaging, spoken with true industry tenure and expertise.

The branding and design was just as strong and their dedication to great customer service was outstanding – they always went one step beyond what we expected to take care of needs we hadn’t even anticipated.

Tom Fabian
Tom Fabian
Frontera Interactive

We’ve been working with Phases Design Studio for over 4 years and we’ve always been very happy with Kandra’s team’s branding and graphic design work. They’re very well-organized and effective and complete their projects on time. Kandra’s team makes sure that a project is always done right by gathering the critical user information and client input up front, then combining that information with her team’s branding expertise to produce results that are both aesthetically pleasing and very user-friendly. We always look forward to collaborating with Phases!

Tony Kimberly
Tony Kimberly
Spotted Koi

Kandra and her team at Phases Design Studio always take the time up front to find out about your company and your project before they start any branding or design work, plus they know how the web works. They have a knack for being able to figure out what you’re looking for before you do.

We trusted them to redesign our website because we’ve collaborated with them several times and have always been really pleased with their work.

J.R. Burrell
Burrell Hume Associates

I have worked as a vendor with Phases Design Studio for approximately 4 years. My print customers are exacting, demanding, and professional, and expect to receive outstanding customer service and great products. Phases Design Studio meets these needs every time.

Kandra is thoughtful, detail-oriented, fun and creative. I’m proud to include the projects we complete together in the portfolio I show my prospective clients, designers and colleagues. I’m happy to recommend Phases for marketing your corporate identity and meeting your budget needs in today’s competitive market.

Griffith Publishing Brad
Brad Griffith

Phases worked with our publishing company to design our corporate website, as well as a fairly heavily flash-intensive project website related to our fantasy properties. Both sites were done very well, wrapped up on time, and on budget. Not only did they offer great design of their own, but they worked well with our own designers to create a unique look and immersive feel.

Phases Design Studio was a total pleasure to work with. Phases’ methodology is both in-depth and creative – including a comprehensive interview and discovery process, and wide-ranging audience research. Their process ensured that even though my organization had very unique and specific needs, and an unusual set of target markets, they were able to achieve spot-on results. I highly recommend them.

Mariano Delle Donne, CEO and Founder

Kandra and Phases Design Studio have always done a great job for Adventos. Phases is easy to work with, professional and extremely capable. They consistently combine high quality, creative work with good customer service. I will continue to use them in the future for any of our marketing and graphic design needs.

Andrea Smith, Marketing Coordinator
Gould Cooksey Fennell

As the Marketing Coordinator for our firm I have worked on several projects with Phases Design Studio, and every time they’ve assisted me by coming up with creative solutions to my marketing challenges. They’re a lot of fun to work with, but still take their jobs very seriously! I am thankful to have them as part of our team.

Jesse Daniel, CEO and Founder

Over the last few years, Phases has earned a spot as our go-to firm for branding and graphic design. Their design work has proven to be functional, as well as attractive. Kandra and her team approach every job with a dedication to creativity, attention to detail, and customer service that really stands out in their industry. We love their work.

Colin Photo
Colin Reid
The Law Office of Colin Reid

Phases was the perfect marketing partner for my firm. They really took the time up front to get to know me and my goals, which helped them to more easily communicate my strengths to clients and prospects. The final products were great, and the entire process was really collaborative and creative.

Phases Design Studios brought teams of specialists to the table to help complete an overhaul of our company’s marketing, branding, messaging and web site, which had become obsolete over time. Through a well-thought interview process and collaborative meetings, they were able design and develop a new logo and web site that placed our company in a new league.

I had spent years struggling with different designers trying to create a company logo, but no one was able to create the visuals I saw in my head. Phases accomplished this nearly impossible task perfectly by presenting our very technical operation in a way that reflects our customer-focused company policies and friendly, Denver-based atmosphere.

After we started implementing our new brand we also started receiving positive compliments from our customers! One customer told me over the phone that she loved our logo as well as the new slogan, which she stated described us perfectly. Another customer called it a “great logo; scientific but not pretentious.” We also received compliments from customers who I would never even expect would notice!

The feedback from our clients and the confidence we have in our new brand makes all the hard work worth it!

I absolutely love our new logo and thank Phases for all of their hard work.

Five years ago we began working with Phases Design Studio when we were looking to redesign our website and give our marketing materials a fresh new look. Beginning with a creative brief, Kandra did a great job helping us to refine our look to fit our brand image. Not only does she have a great eye for color, images and design, but she is knowledgeable about SEO, website design and social media. She has consistently delivered timely and professional designs for all of our marketing and communication needs… website, facebook, print and digital advertising, letterhead, business cards and new patient materials. She is a pleasure to work with and an important business partner!

I can’t tell you how fortunate I am to have Phases working with me on my brand. First, they came up with a unique and original name that fits my business to a “T”. Now, I’m constantly receiving compliments, and people commenting that they remember me because of my brand colors!

Phases has been so supportive throughout the entire implementation process, too. I can’t believe how many wonderful and effective ideas they have had for promoting my brand – everything from amazing and shareable infographics and informative blog posts to ways to reach new audiences that I would have never thought of on my own.

I look forward to continuing both the relationship and the success my business has received from their work!

791 Stern Jon E1454688778946 143x150
Jon Stern, Publisher
Colorado Real Estate Journal

Working with Kandra and Phases Design Studio was an absolute pleasure. Kandra helped us identify our needs and educated us on our options. She assembled a talented group of programmers, designers, search engine optimizers, etc. and gave us a website that exceeded our expectations. Now that the site is launched, Kandra continues to address our questions and helps us with strategy to build on what we have. Working with Kandra allows us to have a first-class site that allows for functionality and ease of use for us and our visitors.

Tupper Briggs
Tupper Briggs

It is always a pleasure to work with Kandra Churchwell at Phases Design Studio! She is responsive, works diligently to make sure we’re happy with every aspect of her work and she lets us know in advance how much each project will cost so there are no unpleasant surprises at the end.

Alan R.
Small Business Owner

In my experience Phases Design Studio has an uncanny ability to nail the best design on the first try. You will not waste your time going back and forth with these talented designers. They get it right the first time. In terms of cost, they always adhere to they quotations. Overall their pricing is very fair and the quality excellent.

Working with Phases took the horror out of the branding process. They helped us streamline our website maintenance, and at the same time they were able to align our brand with our current and future growth while maintaining our existing haunted reputation. We now have a site that we can maintain and update with the same ease as scaring our clients each and every Halloween.

Katie Brown
People House

Shortly after we uploaded our new web site, a long-time member of the People House Practitioner Marketing Group (and former CEO of the Women’s Chamber) handed me her membership renewal fee and informed me that the new web site and logo was her main influence to continue her involvement with People House. Upon seeing the new site and logo she was so impressed with our new image that she enthusiastically submitted her renewal fee and is hosting two brand new workshops. Our new image has renewed the community spirit for our organization.

Not sure if anyone from our team reached out already, but I want to let you know the IRCE event went very well. The booth and all the material really came together and looked great. And our messages and approach seemed to be well received and attractive to our audience. Thank you for all your hard and excellent work.

Just want to second what Forrest said, everything surrounding this campaign from the booth to the handouts to the ebook came out amazing. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Ditto Forrest and Mike’s comments. Working with you was just what this campaign needed. Thanks Kandra!

Inflow Social Media Square
SEO Team Member

Conversion rates are actually higher on mobile and tablet since the redesign. It shows us that your design and development efforts were well worth the investment for Colin.

Renaissance Adventure Guides
Renaissance Adventure Guides LLC

One of the more difficult processes of running our business has always been finding partners with who want open and honest communication. There is a saying in the guiding industry that says “Good friends stab you in the front” — meaning that if you want your clients/partners to succeed you will be upfront with them at all times. Working with Phases Design Studio has been just such a relationship for us.

Over the course of our working relationship with Phases we have been pleasantly rewarded with products requiring little/no revisions. The first project was a new logo. Kandra presented us with four designs; one of which she thought was the best. We asked for some other designs as well and she provided us with two additional proofs. After doing a blind study some of our key clientèle we found that her original suggestion was the winner. Next, we had several intensive meetings to delineate our needs and goals with our new brochure. The result was astonishing for us – a piece that was so close to perfect that it only needed a few small revisions. It was almost like she could read our minds and then made it better. We are currently in progress on our website and we are ecstatic with the initial results.

I highly recommend Phases Design Studio to any business looking to work together with a graphic designer for professional results in a timely manner.”

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