Socialize Your Brand

Using the Big 4 social media sites to supercharge your branding

Over the last few years, social media has become more than just a bunch of darn kids overrunning your digital lawn with their weird, vowel-deficient slang and silly company names. Today, social media has integrated itself seamlessly into our lives, replacing the morning paper with our coffee, and the paperback we used to read in bed until we fell asleep.

Facebook marketing, branded Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn networking are starting to replace many of the traditional branding tools and marketing channels we’ve all become used to. It seems that every few days, a new social media or networking site pops up, and the technorati and marketing gurus declare it the next big thing. In the past, your Internet marketing strategy required MySpace or Second Life. Tomorrow, everyone will be wondering if your site is optimized for pinning!

As always, when the flood of branding and marketing nonsense seems overwhelming, you can turn to us to help figure it out.

Socialize Your Brand, our new guide to social media branding, helps you separate the social media non-sense from the common sense.

There are 4 major companies that consistently dominate the social media conversation. We call them The Big 4: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Socialize Your Brand, our new guide to social media branding, is designed to help you assess each of these company’s strengths and weaknesses as branding and marketing tools. You already know and probably use some of these sites in your personal life. You already know you need to be using these tools for your business. We’re going to help you figure out how.

In Socialize Your Brand, we examine the functionality, demographics and best practices for each one, giving you the information you need to decide which will give you the biggest bang for your social media marketing buck.

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You’ll also unlock free information and valuable tools like our new icon set, “The Big 4.” So download the guide, read it, and then call us to discuss your social media questions and needs. We’ll be Liking, tweeting, and connecting in no time.

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