Should you blog?

About a week ago an eNewsletter titled “I don’t blog” made its way to my in-box, and the title got my attention right away. All the time our clients are asking us if they should be blogging, and, if so, what should they blog about? As the author said, “Blogging is writing and writing is hard work.” I completely agree! But I also think that blogging can reap some great rewards for business owners… if you are inclined to create a blog.

For us, and our clients, blogs offer:

  • A great tool to get messages out to our audiences (messages that call for more than 140 characters of a tweet).
  • A simple and easy-to-use tool to add content to your Web site. (We love this, as adding new content often means we are working on building links into the site. And, more links means more visitors.)
  • A way to educate your audience. (I know I use past posts to refer to when explaining various things to prospective and existing clients.)
  • A way for your audience to leave feedback about what you are writing, provide another view and enrich everyone’s thoughts on the topic.

As the email stated, blogging can be hard work, and there are other ways to get your URL seen on the internet. So should you blog? Yes, if…

  • You can keep up on the blog.
  • You have topics of interest to post, educational articles, or relevant industry information to share.
  • You want a simple way to create new relevant content on your site.

Want a blog but think that this is just way too much to handle?

Consider hiring a ghost writer for your blog, and/or working with an internet marketing company to help you out with topics. Ghostwriters will do the writing for you, and post on your blog under your name. Some even have a great sense of what is going on in your industry (or ways to find out) and can offer topics for you. Internet marketing companies can help you figure out what to blog about based on what people are searching for. Then they work their magic and build links to your blog post to help drive traffic to your site.

Still not sure about blogging?

Blogging is not for everyone, and that’s OK! Not every company has to have a blog, but do explore other social media outlets and use them to their full advantage to get your URL (and company) brand recognition on the internet.

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