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Non-Profit Website and Brand Design

Save JeffCo Libraries is a grass roots organization of Jefferson County Library patrons, formed to preserve the funding and independence of the Jefferson County Library system by converting it from a County Library to a library district.

When Save JeffCo Libraries came to us, they had a name, a letter to the editor, and a lot of passion. To turn this passion into citizen action, they needed a logo that reminded people of libraries, but differentiated the organization from the Jefferson County Library System – of which it is totally independent – a strong, persuasive tagline, and a user-friendly website that made it easy for citizens take action to save their library. And they needed it fast.

The Solution :: Quick turnaround on a logo, tagline, and website that inspires action and confidence

In order to get their site up and running as quickly as possible, we decided that rather than build a website from scratch, it would be more efficient to create a brand and then apply it to themed template already available from the WordPress community.

The logo evokes the library by incorporating a human figure, arms spread wide in a gesture of joy and power; the arms of the figure recall the open pages of a book spread open on a table. The tagline, “It’s up to us,” captures the sense of urgency of the situation, gives the citizens of Jefferson County a sense of ownership over the solution with an inclusive, yet subtly challenging tone.

In less than a week we helped transform Save JeffCo Libraries from a passionate group of library patrons, into a volunteer-driven advocacy organization with a professional brand and a strong web presence.

The Results :: A brand that says “get involved,” through friendly visuals and an easy-to-use website

  • Logo and tagline
  • User friendly website design
  • Easy-to-use backend for blogging and content updates

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