Satori Solutions

Bringing Enlightened Branding to the Fax over IP Industry

Satori Solutions was founded in 2000 to provide Fax over IP solutions for enterprise-level organizations in both the public and private sectors. Over the years, they’ve come to dominate their market, thanks to an almost fanatic dedication to customer service that meets or exceeds their client expectations pretty much every time.

In Zen Buddhism “satori,” means “spiritual enlightenment achieved in a sudden flash of understanding.” So Satori had a great name and an interesting brand idea. But when they came to us, their logo, website and print materials were badly dated, their web traffic was hurting, and they needed to improve their messaging.

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The Solution :: Make fax sexy

To position and differentiate Satori, we decided the look and feel of their brand would combine the calm warmth of eastern design elements with the high-tech, professional sleekness of a company with Fortune 500 clients. In short, we had to make fax sexy. The messaging had to emphasize that despite the fact that Satori was explicitly pursuing large corporate companies, their clients would be dealing with real people who have a stake in the success of every project.

The other side of the equation was helping clients find and use the inviting website we designed and coded for them. Working with seOverflow, we developed a powerful SEO strategy that included keyword enriched content and calls to action that still managed to sound like natural and organic sales copy.

The end result was a snappy new tagline, an easy-to-find, easy-to-use website, and a logo that communicates competence and calmness.

The Results :: A brand that inspires confidence and serenity in a rapidly changing industry

  • Logo and tagline
  • Website, stationery and collateral design
  • SEO
  • Branded SEO messaging and copywriting
  • Functional, intuitive backend coding
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