Can Robots Build Websites?

Can a robot build a websiteNo, not quite yet, but it turns out that they do a stellar job cleaning the floors! (And even if they could build websites.. would we really want them to? Ahhh, but that’s a topic for another day.)

For Christmas this year, I got a robot: a Roomba to be specific. So, with my fancy little robot vacuum named Rosie, I can spend less time cleaning up dirt that the dogs tracked in – and that means more time to spend on my kids and making them some websites!

There’s been one positive result to the wonky state of the economy: two of my kids are starting up their own businesses. (Yes, they’re already old enough.) Why find a food service job when you can start doing what you love right now? To help them out, I decided to give them branding packages for Christmas. Take a look at the results!

White Flannel Trousers

White Flannel TrousersMy daughter Alexey is setting out into the world of freelance copywriting. We collaborated to come up with a brand to match her creative blogging, writing, and editing services. With that brand in mind, I designed a beautiful peach logo and an awesome WordPress website to go along with it. Why the peach? Alexey is a bit of a poetry nerd, and named her site after The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock by T. S. Elliot.

Class Coach Tutoring

Class Coach TutoringMy son Damien is a math tutor for high school and college students, and wanted to branch out from the school he works for. Since he’s considering hiring other tutors in the future, I needed to come up with a brand identity that fit his current tutoring services, but still had flexibility to apply to other subjects. One paper airplane logo and a WordPress theme later, Class Coach Tutoring was born.

The sites are all done, and Rosie is still busy cleaning the house (best present ever), so I’ve got plenty of time to get back to work and start designing branding packages for you. Overall, I’d say this Christmas went pretty darn well.

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