Random Acts of Kindness

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Website Redesign through Conversion Optimization

Spinning a web of kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness is a foundation formed in 1995 to inspire people to practice kindness and to “pass it on,” to others. The foundation provides free educational and community ideas and resources through its website, www.randomactsofkindness.org.

Their brand was fairly effectively implemented overall, but their website was based on a generic template that, while not really “damaging,” to the brand, wasn’t really user-focused. This made it difficult for Random Acts of Kindness to reach and inspire their true audience, and to fulfill their mission.

The Solution :: Dive into the data

As is usually the case, we sought inspiration in the information, diving into our comprehensive discovery process.

We determined that there was actually a lot of room for improvement on the Random Acts website, even if we didn’t radically alter its basic look. One of the first discoveries we made was that Random Acts of Kindness’ target market skewed quite a bit younger than we expected. In order to reach these potential users, we implemented some design changes that made the site easier to use and gave it a more cheerful look and feel.

We continue to work with Random Acts of Kindness on an ongoing basis through our SCOPE (Site Continuous Optimization Program with Enhancements) program. Our analysis, action items and results tracking enabled Random Acts to maintain the increased conversion rates our data-driven site enhancements achieved initially.

As a direct result of really listening to what the data was telling us, we are able to collaborate with Random Acts of Kindness to transform their website into the hub of a vibrant community, helping to spread the joy of kindness worldwide.

The Results :: A website transformed from a source of information to a wellspring of inspiration

  • Discovery and website analysis and troubleshooting
  • Newsletter redesign
  • Ongoing branding, design and content consulting
  • Conversion optimization
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