Spring Leaf Social Icon Set

Spring Leaf Social Icon Set

Posted by on April 13th, 2012


Late last year, Pinterest – a pinboard-style, social photo sharing website that allows you to create and manage images, and share them with followers – exploded onto the Social Networking scene, becoming Social Media’s latest killer app.

Turn over a new leaf with our latest set of  social icons

For our new set of Social Media and communication icons we were struck by the twin inspirations (or “twinspirations”) of young leaves sprouting through the still-frozen, early spring soil, and Pinterest’s intensely visual nature to create Spring Leaves.

Like our previous icon sets, Spring Leaves includes icons for all the major Social Media sites, as well as email, rss, chat and more. Spring Leaves is fully customizable (so you can adjust the color of your leaves to match your brand standards), easy to understand, and available for your commercial use.



Kandra is influenced in her design by everything from Hubble Space Telescope imagery to the strawberry plants in her garden. Her concepts are known for their characteristic combination of warmth, simplicity and functionality, and for their strong resonance with her clients’ brand and corporate identities.

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4 Comments on “Spring Leaf Social Icon Set

    Zina Simonaitis says:

    Nice! I haven’t seen any icons like these before. Fresh illustration style, and I love the angled look.

    Tracy / The UnCoordinated Mommy says:

    I love, love, love these! My newest obsession is gardening and this will reflect that perfectly on my blog!! Thanks!

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