Oromi: A Natural Brand for Natural Healing

From the Phases Design Studio Portfolio

When building a business around a pre-existing product line, a strong, easily identifiable brand is crucial. The founder of oROMI got her start as a doTERRA oil consultant in Tucson, Arizona. She needed a brand that combined her love for her product line with her passion for holistic healing.

The Solution: Bright Prospects, Brighter Colors

Our greatest challenge on this project was finding a way to differentiate oROMI from other holistic consultants in the area. Although oROMI does sell doTERRA oils, the emphasis needed to be on the consultation and healing services that set the brand apart from the competition. After an in-depth discovery process, it was clear that the name should express comfort, healing, and natural wellness, with a hint of the owner’s personal and friendly nature. We built off the sounds of “aroma” to create “oROMI,” and followed the name with a tagline that emphasizes the nature of the business.

With a brand name in place, we set to work on the visuals. We utilized a bright orange and purple color scheme to distinguish oROMI from other holistic practices, which often use calm blues and greens. For accents, we screened back image of flowering plants that would be used for essential oils. The overall effect maintains the concept of wellness and nature and helps turn the oROMI logo into a memorable image that stays with the audience.

As with the visuals, the content on the site needed to express the feeling of health and relaxation. Returning to the information we gathered during the Discovery page, we re-worked the existing site content to match the new brand while remaining true to the identity that had already made oROMI a success.

The Results: A Bright, Blooming Brand

  • Brand name and tagline
  • Logo and business card design
  • Customized WordPress site template
  • Branded social media profiles
  • On-going social media and blog content consultation and implementation
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