NFL Team Franchise Pantone Colors!

NFL Team Franchise Pantone Colors!

Posted by on October 14th, 2013

Ever find yourself in need of a sports team color for a design piece? Well I did, and darn’d if they aren’t a bear to find!

While the official colors of the NFL teams are a well-guarded secret, some teams’ colors (like the Seahawks and the Packers) are readily available and listed on their web site in an official brand standards guide (but the the majority are not).

While searching for a list of NFL team colors, I stumbled upon this document list of NFL team colors. However, some were not accurate and some teams were not listed, and who wants to dig through a multi-page document, anyway?

In order to assemble an accurate list of NFL team colors, I buckled down and put in the man hours to search out teams that did list their colors freely freely on their websites, converted colors samples from online images of team colors.

For all you sports-loving designers out there, I happily present the NFL Team Franchise PMS Color Guide, complete with an Adobe Swatch Exchange file your downloading pleasure!

Just download the ASE file, import into your Adobe program of choice, grab the colors* you’re looking for, and design away!



Copy and Paste the following code to share the NFL Team Color Guide on your site:

*All color specifications are accurate to the best of my research ability. If you find an error, please let me know.



Kandra is influenced in her design by everything from Hubble Space Telescope imagery to the strawberry plants in her garden. Her concepts are known for their characteristic combination of warmth, simplicity and functionality, and for their strong resonance with her clients’ brand and corporate identities.

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12 Comments on “NFL Team Franchise Pantone Colors!

    Belasco says:

    Well at least the Texans have the best colors!

    Hi Kandra,

    Thank you for posting this! I’m curious though, are these colors not protected by the NFL? We’re researching this issue for a client.



      Based on the information I could gather, many teams name their PMS colors. So Cardinals Red is not the same as 49ers Red, even though they are the same color. I assume that color name would be protected. Never use Cardinals Red… specify PMS 184 =)

      I was not able to find any official NFL list of Pantone colors, but some teams did have a media guide that listed their colors and/or listed the colors on their website. Other colors were obtained from the list linked above, and updated / corrected based on research I did.

      I also believe that the teams “own” the colors, not the NFL. But again that is an assumption. I tried to reach out to the NFL, but didn’t receive any replies (nor did I expect to).

      Glad the color list was helpful!

      Jacob Holgate says:

      My understanding is that any entity can trademark a particular PMS color, since there’s literally probably billions of CMYK color combinations (even if two colors could look identical to the naked eye and only using the eyedropper tool could reveal the actual combination.) I love the Seahawks current “College Navy” and “Action Green” color scheme. May have to get my truck repainted now…

    ColorWerx says:

    You’ve credited me for this listing (without my knowledge I should add), but most of these are either incorrect, or from about 10 years ago.

    Almost all of these teams have made changes to the majority of their colors.

    And yes – the NFL DOES project these as proprietary information.

    (Which is why I do not divulge them.)

      Thank you for the clarification. As noted in the post, I did use your older document as a starting point. I then verified as many colors as I could through team websites, media kits, etc… (all information that is publicly available). If updated information was not available / public, we just went with the closest match we could find and/or colors from the older list.

    Mary says:

    This is so helpful Kandra! But how do I download the ASE file? Also, I would love an NBA version of this!

    Derek says:

    I’d love to track down an NHL version of this. I know the NY Islanders use PMS 287 and PMS 1655 and the Dallas Stars use PMS 3425 and PMS 877

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