The New Twitter Profile Template

Have you been to your Twitter profile lately? The tons of extra white space and new, gigantic header image can only mean one thing – Twitter looks like Google+ now, so it’s time we made another template!

(This One Might Be Our Favorite Template Yet)

The profile changes to Twitter are fairly drastic, so buckle your seat belts.

First up, we have the gigantic cover image. We’ve disparaged this tactic on Google+ before, but we’ll be honest this time – it’s not that bad. Twitter is a visual social media platform, with more focus placed on media, mixed in with small status updates. No one’s going to your actual profile to see your tweets; they’re visiting to learn more about you and decide if you’re worth following.

One place the image works exceptionally well is in the updated “followers” and “following” screens, where a small version of the image appears underneath your profile photo, but not over your vital stats.

If you don’t want to upload a header image, you can choose to opt out. Instead, a bar will appear with the color you chose for your theme. This color is also used for links and other profile highlights, so choose wisely. (Note that the color bar is far smaller than the header image, for some reason.)

After you get used to the image, it’s time to find your way around. Twitter has moved quite a few things, including your profile description. The adjustment is actually quite nice, since the text is far easier to read.

Using the Template

As per usual, you can get this template by heading on over to our template page, downloading it, and opening it in Photoshop. We’ve used smart objects to make it as easy to use as possible; design your profile and header image, then simply adjust the “colors” layer (that’s why this is our new favorite template — all colors are adjusted with one click!)


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