New to the Portfolio: Inflow Rebranding

inflowIt’s no secret; we’ve got a favorite SEO team – and lately, they’ve been making big changes, from moving offices to launching a fresh brand (and letting out the secret that they are way more than JUST an SEO team… they are a full fledged inbound marketing sensation).

Our awesome friends at seOverflow are still around, but they’re going by a new name: Inflow. (As one wise person once said, you know an SEO team is serious about their new brand if they’re willing to switch domain names.)


To make this rebranding a success, we had to take the things that made seOverflow great – including their client centered attitude, white-hat SEO practices, and commitment to high quality work – and update them to give the company a modern look and feel.

After the new brand was launched, we still had a little work to do on the responsive site. We’re proud to say that the Inflow site looks amazing on all devices – including wine bottles!

Technically, they're mead bottles.
Technically, they’re mead bottles.

If you want to check out the new brand, head on over to our portfolio to read the full story – or just drop by the Inflow site to say hello. We’re sure they won’t mind visitors.

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