Murray-Brown Labs

From the Phases Design Studio Portfolio

Like many small businesses, Murray-Brown Labs started up with a passion for their service, and for providing a quality customer experience—but they never formally developed a brand strategy or professional visuals. After 5 years of localized success, their current DIY brand was beginning to limit their growth. They had struggled for years trying to develop a logo that would communicate their services without the use of stereotypical “test tubes” that are common in their industry while speaking to their high level of personalized service and unmatched customer dedication.

The Solution: Looking Beyond the DIY Visuals

Through our discovery and brand strategy process, we were able to pinpoint the unique values and qualities in Murray-Brown’s established brand, as well as educate ourselves on a very unique and technical industry. We were then able to concept and present proposed visuals and language to communicate the full brand to their audiences. Ranging from the styling of the logo and color pallet, to the type of images and tone of voice, the Murray-Brown band exudes knowledge of their industry, a personalized approach to customer education, and a partnership in business—all in a friendly and approachable style that is well known and respected among their clients and peers.

The Results: Promoting Growth, Maintaining Customer-centric Quality

Murray-Brown’s dedication to open communication and quality services enhances every customer interaction. By keeping a friendly attitude and listening to their client’s individual needs, Murray-Brown ensures that they can continue to provide their customers with consistent, high-quality services. This key point to the brand is clearly portrayed through the new brand.

  • Logo and tagline “Beyond the Raw Data”
  • Full brand standards guide defining appropriate use of brand assets and image styles.
  • Full corporate stationery set including internal forms and communications.
  • WordPress powered website with custom theme, and custom functionality allowing Murray-Brown to full administer and maintain all site content
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