Monday Distractions

Monday Distractions

Posted by on August 6th, 2012

It’s Monday, and we all know a fun filled distraction is always a welcome event. So while you are trying to plow though the pile of email, voice mail and “acKKKK my site broke this weekend, please fix it!” requests, take a moment to play with few fun Google Easter eggs courtesy of my son! (Branding Side note: as I mentioned over at Ann Kendall’s blog, Google does a great job branding as a fun technology company. Examples like these Easter eggs, logo changes for the Olympics, and other interactive “toys” they put out do a lot for solidifying the brand!)

Google Gravity:

Head on over to Google, and start typing in Gravity. Click the “i’m feeling lucky” link. and watch gravity effect the Google layout! (direct link: Go ahead, move the pieces around…. gravity will win each time!

Elgoog (the mirror effect)

Enter Elgoog  in the search, and select “i’m feeling lucky” (direct link: Hrmmmmm maybe I should set some’s default browser to this link for Easter fools next year?

A few searches that play with the search results display (just type the words in and wait a moment)

  • Askew (tilt works as well)
  • Zerg Rush (let this one play out!)
  • Do a barrel roll

For those who might want a travel experience:

  • Head on over to Google Maps and enter:  from (A) The Shire to (B) Mordor. Choose walking as your form of transportation.
  • Go to Legoland, Calfornia in Google Maps. Pull the little street view guy into the map.


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