LinkedIn Company Profile Template

LinkedIn Company Profile Template

Our LinkedIn Company Profile Photoshop Template assists with creating a design comp for your LinkedIn Company Profile page, prior to publishing your page live. Using smart objects, the Photoshop template allows you to quickly proof your logo and banner image for your Company Page, and the optional Showcase Page. If you are not sure what a Showcase Page is, read this post to help decide if you need one.

The Photoshop template includes :

  • Layer groups for the main Company page, and optional Showcase Page
  • Company Page — Smart Object for the 400 x 400 company logo
  • Company Page — Smart Object for the 646 x 220 banner image
  • Company Page — Editable text for company name, industry, and employee size
  • Showcase Page — Smart Object for the 400 x 400 logo
  • Showcase Page — Smart Object for the 974 x 338 hero image
  • Showcase Page — Editable text for page name

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