LinkedIn Company Profile Template

To top off our existing collection of social media profile templates, we present the LinkedIn Company profile!

Our latest template (using Photoshop smart objects, as always) contains a layer group for each of the two default tabs included with a standard LinkedIn company profile. Toggling between the layer groups will allow you to generate proofs for your client’s company profile landing page, and one for the services page.

The template includes smart objects allowing you to create custom files for:

  • Company “Standard logo”
  • Company “Square logo” (While it does does not appear on your company page, it is part of your profile as the icon that is used around linked in when your company posts)
  • Cover image for the landing page
  • Banners for the Services page (LinkedIn allows for three of these banners to be uploaded and displayed as a slideshow on the services page)*
  • Service icons (Custom icons that appear along with each service you add to your profile)*

*Remember, changing a Photoshop smart object will update all instances of that object. Once you’ve created the logo for one view, it will updated in the other view. However, when you are creating multiple banners or service icons, use “save as” and “place” the new file as a smart object for additional banners or icons to display in your proof. If you simply copy a smart object and edit the new instance, you will be editing (and overwriting) all other instances of that object.

Download and enjoy the LinkedIn Photoshop Template!



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