Images to Infographics: Be A Better Blogger

Is a picture really worth more than 1000 words? It appears so, with the blogging community jumping onto the visual content trend. An image is the best way to share and summarize blog content, and Infographics are a great compromise between images and text. Not only are infographics eye-catching, but bloggers can merge statistics, charts, and text into the one image.


Images to Infographics: Visualize the Trend

Professional imagery is a must for a millennial blogger. As visual creatures, humans love images and are drawn to them. Did you know that blog posts with images get 94% more total views? That is a figure that a blogger cannot ignore.

Many bloggers create their own visuals, however, there are a number of graphic designers who specialize in infographic design. Infographic packages are available to buy online in packages and they are completely reusable.

What is an Infographic?

An Infographic is a visual summary of textual information, facts, and statistics— they are a visual way to communicate data and facts quickly.

Many businesses use infographics to timelines and trends easier to understand by both customers and employees. They allow for lots of information to be displayed simply and in one place—saving the viewer from reading. Infographics are designed to make a large chunk of data digestible n a short period of time.

How can my business use Infographics and Images?

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, have restructured the design of their news feeds focussed on the needs of visual posts.

Did you know that photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than a text-based posts? Written posts are becoming a thing of the past and it is important that you are using images to attract customers to what you have to say.

Use Infographics to…

Explain How-to: Inspire your users with how-to guides. How-to guides are great conversation starters as thy present ideas to users in a step by step format. Encourage your users to engage with the post asking them to leave their tips.

Breakdown statistics: By incorporating statistics into your content it will create an element of trust around your business or product. Figures can often be difficult to digest, break them down using pie charts and graphs.

Summarize a Checklist: By adding a checklist to your infographic, you will inspire your users to visit your website. The whole purpose of content creation is to change your followers into customers. Adding helpful and attractive images to your website and social media will help your business become more appealing to a wider audience.

Use Images to…

Promote your products: Make sure that you are using social media to show off the products that your business is selling. Instagram is a great platform for food bloggers, when this blog was written there was an incredible 69,123,545 #instafood posts.

Show off your staff: Promoting your workplace culture will encourage to visit either your website.  A good idea is to take pictures of your work colleagues and share them with your social media followers.

Exclusives and Teasers: Give your followers an insight into your business. Write blogs with your products or services in mind. Exclusive photos inside your content are sure to entice users to your website.

Images and Infographic Design Will Increase Social Media

Marketers refer to Images as pieces of ‘snackable’ content. Snackable content is easier to understand and this encourages users to engage with it.


  • Millennials are bombarded with information; do you think your posts stand out from the other 2,460,000 Facebook posts that are sent every minute?
  • The average internet user accesses five different social media platforms.

This is an overwhelming amount of posts for anyone and due to the amount of information that we are seeing, millennials are becoming pros at filtering out information that they do not need.

When you are creating your content, be sure to include images that will inspire and inform your target audience, as well a encourage them to share.  After all, the main purpose of creating visual images for social media is to attract the attention of your audience.


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