What the Heck Should I Blog About Today?


An important part of building your brand identity is running (and maintaining) a company blog. A steady stream of content strengthens your brand, draws in new clients, and helps old ones stick around. Still, everyone get’s a blogging dry spell once in a while.

Not sure what on earth you’re going to write about this week? Here are a few ideas to get the writing juices flowing:

1) Put Your News Feed to Use

Did something interesting happen in your field? Share your opinion on it. Was there a local or national event that could be related to your specialty? Make that connection for your readers. As an expert in your industry, you probably keep up-to-date with the news on a regular basis, even if it’s just through your Facebook feed. Although you probably won’t be the very first to report on something, you can still weigh into the conversation – and your blog is the perfect place to do that.

2) Talk About What You Know

No, sharing your awesome industry know-how isn’t going to give your competition an edge on you. The skills and knowledge that you use in your business can’t be passed on in a handful of blog posts. What sharing your knowledge will do is convince readers (and potential clients) that you know what you’re talking about—and create a wealth of opportunities for inbound content marketing.

  • Write an educational series about a common issue you come across on the job.
  • Share tips to help clients get the most out of the products/services you provide.
  • Talk about your latest project.
  • Give readers and insider look to your workday.

3) Get Personal

If you absolutely hate something, don’t be afraid to show it. If you absolutely love something, go ahead and talk about that, too. Neutral reporting is important, but so is sharing your opinion. Too many corporate blogs are just that – corporate. Without a personality behind the writing, your readers won’t be able to connect to it. So go ahead and say that you really hated the latest update of ___, or put your personal spin on a recent industry happening. Your potential audience can’t like you until you give them something to like.

4) Write About Something Fun for a While

You don’t always have to talk about work, even on your work-related blog. If you have a new recipe that you absolutely must share, an amazing movie that you watched, or simply a fun event that you went to, there’s nothing wrong with sharing it with your readers. As in the last point, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little personality. However, you do need to find a way to tie that awesome book to your business. Could the main character have benefited from your specific line of work? Let your readers know.

(Of course, there is such a thing as too many outside topics. If it were up to Kandra, we’d talk about gardening and baking every week.)

No matter how you spend your workday, there’s definitely something to write about. The 15 cups of coffee you drank could make an excellent article on the effects of trying to design with the jitters. A small request from a client can turn into a great how-to post. You’ve got a brain full of specialized knowledge that no one else has, and your blog is a place to share it.

Looking for a hands-free way to keep your blog updated?

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