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How to Design an Attractive Ebook in 2020

Ebook stands for electronic book, which is simply a book in a digital format. An ebook is a powerful tool with text and images that gets the information across to your consumer.

It might be a format not everyone reads, but the ones looking for information regarding your services will definitely go through an ebook. An attractive ebook design has a tendency to convert prospects into conversions because of the detailed information it provides.

Publishing ebooks as a part of marketing plans can add a volume of trust to your campaign and help earn your expert status. Reading might not be a trend these days, but at the same time, it can’t be ruled out completely. There are a significant amount of ebook readers among the younger generation; according to a survey, 35% of adults aging from 18 to 29 have read an ebook in the last 12 months.

How Can An eBook Benefit Your Business?

Creating an ebook for your readers is an overwhelming process; a stunning ebook design not only has a detailed text, but in order for it to be attractive, it needs to be decorated with digital graphic elements.

You might be thinking, is the extra effort worth it or not? If all the aspects are taken care of, the results you get from publishing an ebook are unparalleled.

  • A well-written content in an ebook format builds a respectable position for your website. It is because a long form of content is considered to be more reliable by the users. People who download ebooks are looking for extensive information, and if they like your content, they will be coming back for more.
  • An ebook can help you achieve the status of being an industry leader. The quality knowledge that you can deliver through an ebook earns you the blind trust of the consumers who will, in time, turn to your website for any information query.
  • Unlike blogs and articles, a prospect will readily exchange his/her information in exchange for your ebook because books are considered valuable.
  • You are not held by any constraint while creating an ebook. This liberty allows you to put in a lot of information. Ebook design plays a crucial role here to hook the readers’ attention; pictures and different design elements and the information make an ebook a powerful format for digital content consumers.
  • As compared to the traditional marketing collaterals, ebooks are considerably easy to produce. All hail to the digital format that allows you to publish within days. Traditionally, it would take months to print a book.
  • The shelf-life of an ebook is significantly more than any other format. You can easily attract prospects from a single ebook for a long time without updating the book. Ebooks are a convenient method for readers, as well. The younger generation is slowly starting to develop a taste for digital reading. Gen Z is into ebooks of them being environmentally friendly alternatives for traditional books.
  • Ebooks are inexpensive to produce. The only thing you will be investing in is time, and the best part is as easy they are to make, it is even easier to distribute them.
  • Ebook is a wonder of inbound marketing that attracts the ocean of prospects. People are resistant to ads these days, and therefore, inbound marketing penetrates the area where direct marketing is not that effective. You can easily extract out valuable information about your potential customers in exchange for your ebook.

Steps To Create An Award-Winning ebook Design

Learning the process of creating an ebook can be overwhelming early on, but you can become a pro in no time with slight guidance.

Like every process, to create an effective ebook, you need to consider the people you are designing it for. Your prospect will only show interest if the content matches his/her needs.

We are here at your service, follow these simple steps, and we assure you that the outcome will outweigh your expectations.

Select the Topic Aligned With Your Target Audience

Remember, you are writing for a specific audience; each and every word that comes out of your pen should be directed towards the interest of your potential prospect only. Any other information you put in will be covering precious space that can be utilized in a better way.

Therefore, deviating from the topic will risk losing the attention of your audience. Ebook writing is a great way to educate your audience and to market your services indirectly. A reader inspired by your content is more likely to become a customer.

Organize Your Thoughts

It is always a good practice to organize your thoughts before putting them down. Analyze the ideas you have thought of, and decide the most effective way of writing them. Proper formatting and use of bullet points can hook your audience and engage them till the end.

Write Your Content

Once you have decided on your book’s topic, it is time to write down about it in detail. Either you can explain existing issues, or you can also come up with a topic of your own. Either way, always keep in mind the people you are writing for.

Avoid using technical terms that your audience may not understand, remember, easy to read content is more effective. Provide solutions to the problems that your readers are facing. If you achieve this feat, then you have earned yourself a loyal customer.

Organize Your Content

Never publish your first draft; there is always room for betterment. Once you complete your draft, proofread it, and if possible, check it on online editing tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway.

Before publishing, do send it to your colleagues for feedback. It is better to get feedback from as many people as possible, leaving no room for errors. 

Design Your Ebook

Design is the key to attract readers. It may not be a good idea to judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately, people still do!

The visual elements and colors will help your content grasp the reader; it is a known fact that visuals make a dull book readable. If you are not good at designing, you can always download ebook templates.

If you are using an ebook template, make sure to customize it according to your needs. A slight adjustment to the template is necessary; otherwise, it may look generic.

Call To Actions Are A Must

Whether traditional or non-traditional, inbound or outbound, if it is marketing, it must have a call to action. A marketing message without the intent of converting a reader into a customer is a waste of marketing resources.

Never deviate from your real purpose as a marketer; your job is to sell your idea that is only possible if you incorporate call-to-action buttons throughout your content. These buttons make the company look confident and trustworthy.

Create A Dedicated Landing Page and Promote Your ebook

If you have gone through an overwhelming process of creating a detailed ebook, then why not make the most out of it?

Users usually don’t like to share their private details with an online website, but they will happily share the details when they are looking to download an ebook. These details are valuable information that will convert the traffic into business leads.

Post the URL link of your ebook across all your digital mediums. Use other formats like blogs, articles, emails, etc. to promote your ebook. After all the posting is done, you need to keep track of how it is performing.

Ebooks are considered more effective than other digital content formats in trust-building. It is a wise decision to include them in your content marketing campaigns. If you want to dominate your competition, you will have to be a step ahead, and an ebook is a tool that can help you in this regard.

Guest Author: Saif Malik
Currently managing the digital content at Techxide, Saif Malik is a writer at heart who looks at every aspect of life as a story looking to be told.

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