Choose this years holiday recipe!

As some of you know, we close up shop for an extended holiday vacation every year to allow enough time to bake up a grand Thanksgiving feast (fresh bread for stuffing, cooking down the pumpkin for the pie, caramelizing the onions, stuffing the mushroom, and that’s just to start!).

4 years ago I thought sending out one of my recipes with the studio holiday cards would be a small way to share the joy with our friends, family and clients of the studio. By popular demand the tradition still stands (yes, threats of overworking us around the holidays if we miss a year of recipes, and the tweeted “reminders” to send out the cards really did the trick!)

Last year, you got the secrets to sausage stuffing balls, and before that heavenly cranberry sauce, perfect pumpkin pie, and even tasty mushroom gravy.

This year, we thought we’d let you have a hand in the decision. So, head on over to our Facebook page to check out the holiday recipe poll!

The options are (drumroll please):

  • Cheese Balls (an appetizer so good, you might fill up before the Thanksgiving feast)
  • Vegetarian Turkey (trust us, it’s not just for the vegetarians)
  • Cranberry Cornbread Stuffing (one of my classics)
  • German Chocolate Pie (there is no such thing as too many kinds of pie)

Cast your votes, and let us know – what recipe would YOU like to see this year?

For those of you who are not on Facebook (or rather are not managing your own Facebook pages “wink wink”) feel free to post your choice in the comments section and we’ll add your votes to the tally!

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