Five Games to Help You Wait for the Holidays

Our winter break is almost here – and most of us can barely focus. In case you’re in a similar plight, we’ve complied this list of holiday-themed flash games. So sit back, take a few minutes to goof off, and then hurry and finish your work so you can start wrapping presents!

Warning: Many of these games have sound effects and music, so you may want to turn down your speakers.

Stretch-Saw: Holiday Pack

No, somebody didn’t abuse Photoshop’s transform tool. What you’re looking at is a new take on the traditional jigsaw puzzle Each puzzle piece is stretched out of shape to fit the box it’s in; move them around to make them fit together.

Hint: Just because two pieces fit next to each other doesn’t mean they are in the right place.

Infectonator: Christmas Edition

The characters in this game are having so much fun – until you drop a zombie plague on them. As people start turning into zombies, coins will drop. Hurry and grab them before they disappear, then use your spoils to purchase powerups and make your zombies even more deadly.

Hint: You can close the purchase screen by clicking the power button near the bottom of the game.

Christmas Loot

Click to swap the tiles and make matches. Your goal is to match all of the tiles in the green area as quickly as possible. The illustrations are adorable!

Hint: If you swap a green tile into the blue area to match it, it won’t count as a green tile anymore, and you will have to match a new green tile.

Penguin Swing

This one’s a classic. Swing at the penguin to make it fly as far as possible. Just be careful – you can waste hours on this game.

Hint: You want to swing almost immediately once the penguin drops; otherwise, you will miss it.

Snow Line

This game looks incredibly simple, but it gets a lot harder as the levels progress. Draw a trail for Santa to help him collect the presents, and then hit play to watch him try and make it to the finish line.

Hint: Make sure that your trail starts with a downhill slope, or Santa will fall off the back!

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