HireFlo – a new Hiring App for Small Businesses

Plowing though my holiday emails today, I found a message from Rudy Lacovara  regarding his new Hiring App for Small Businesses, Hireflo. If it wasn’t for my brain needed a break from all of the emails, I am not sure I would have clicked on the app to try it out, but boy am I glad I did! (WOW never thought email brain overload would be a good thing!). 

HireFlo is a very simply, and powerful tool, that let’s you track, organize and prioritize applicants for available jobs. Since we are hiring for a new Web developer, I was fully in sync with the pains this tools provides a solution to. No more filing away emails, printed resumes, etc. It’s all in one place, and displays the job postings on your site, as well as organizing where the applicants found the job (craigslist, your site, SimplyHired, etc.)

I think  my favorite part though, is the good old fashioned customer service from Rudy. After testing out the app, I received nice simple reply from Rudy asking if we had any feedback. Me  being me, of course I had feedback and a small question (always trying to make things better!) Right away, I received a reply back with answers and updates in a super friendly tone.

Kudo’s to Rudy, his new app, and the stellar customer service.

Free For Life Promotion

You can check out the app for yourself, and sign up for their Free for Life Promotion (ending January 31, 2012). https://hireflo.com/

Happy New Year, and happy employee hunting!





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