Hip to Be Flipped (and Square) Social Icon Sets

nspiration by multiple articles on flat design trends + and an inside chuckle on the hipster trend = our new icon set! Oh so hip to be…. flipped with a flat design, simple as it gets, straight up square icon set for your social media needs.

Oh wait, you want to read some of those articles of inspiration? Sure thing!

While these icons are inspired by a “trend” they were worth creating due to their sheer flexibility. Regardless of whether or not “flat” design is in or out at the moment, these simple blocks will compliment almost any design by providing effective recognition of the traditional social media logos, while not overpowering or contrasting with the branded design solution of your site.

As always, the icon pack includes both PNG and native Adobe Illustrator files for you to edit, recolor, and resize as needed to suit your needs. And don’t forget to leave a comment if you have an idea for a new icon set that you would like us to work up!

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