Griffith Publishing

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Interactive eCommerce Website Design

Griffith Publishingwas founded to help contemporary speculative fiction writers access the various new distribution channels opening up for them in the 21st century.

They had a sheath of beautiful maps and drawings, as well as some fascinating ideas about building worlds and inviting readers into them. They needed our assistance transforming these concepts into a website that would function as an extension of the worlds created within the books, establish a visual identity for the brand, and allow readers to buy the books online.

The Solution :: The quest for a usable interactive website

Based on Griffith’s drawings, we crafted an interactive, flash-based website, based on the world of their first book– a portal into an alternate universe. But while bringing these ideas to life on the web was paramount, we were also tasked with making sure the site was usable, helping our client understand what the technology could or couldn’t do. We also function as a general brand consultant, offering our no-nonsense branding expertise as needed on an ongoing basis.

The Results :: An online escape into another world

Griffith Publishing’s new website is an understated visual treat, extending the universe created in the books onto the web, while establishing a strong visual identity for the company.

  • Refined Griffith Publishing’s existing logo and established a visual identity for the brand
  • Designed and developed a WordPress based site with flash-based “worlds,” corresponding to fantasy publications
  • eCommerce site integration
  • Ongoing usability, technology and brand consulting
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