Google Plus Template 2013: Take 2

Includes layer groups to preview scroll instances.

It feels like we just had this conversation a month or two ago, but Google+ has updated their profile layout – again. The new layout features an even larger cover image that swallows the entire screen, and a bunch of itty-bitty content centered on the page when you scroll down. To be fair, the posts look quiet nice, assuming that you can find them under the behemoth that is your cover image.

The good news is that if you updated your cover image the last time Google updated, your profile will look just fine. The new layout uses the same proportions for the cover image; it’s just blown up to an unbelievably large size.

So your profile probably looks fine. But what about your clients’? Luckily, we’ve got you covered there, too. Thanks to the magic of Photoshop smart objects, making a Google+ profile comp is as easy as ever.

Three Different Screen Views

The new layout generates three different versions of your page as you scroll down. First you have the GIGANTIC full cover image – so big that you can’tsee any posts until you scroll. Then the moderate cover photo cropping (first cropping as you scroll), and finally the sliver: the second cover photo cropping after you scroll about 1/4 of the page down as you are attempting to find some actual content.

We’ve included three different layer group in our Photoshop file, so you can toggle back and forth between screen views. Just edit the smart object “profile-photo” to include your logo, and then edit the smart object “cover-photo” to update the cover image in the comp.

Remember, editing any instance of a smart object in Photoshop will update ALL instances of that smart object. To create the perfect proof for your client, simply to update the cover-photo smart object in the Gigantic group, and then toggle on/off the other groups to see how your image will crop. Once you’re happy, just save and upload the cover and profile images, and you’re done!

You can download the new templates here.

The GIGANTIC - default view
The GIGANTIC – default view
Moderate - 1st cropping as you scroll
Moderate – 1st cropping as you scroll
Sliver - 2nd cropping as you scroll
Sliver – 2nd cropping as you scroll

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