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My Facebook Timeline template with the smart objects for the profile picture and the cover photo saves so much time working up proofs for clients prior to uploading the actual images to the page… so why not do the same for Google Plus!

Edit: March 6th, 2013. The download in this post has been updated to the new Google Plus profile with the larger cover image and “circle” profile pic. You can view the updated template at this post.

I totally admit to being overly specific when it comes to pixel positioning and creating the cover photo proof poses a few issues. First you have the 10 px tab on the left. Super nice that your photo shows through, but I want to see EXACTLY what will show through. Then we have the small 15 px sliver of the image that shows on the right, and the 40 or so pixels that just seem to be cropped off. All of these are accounted for in the template, so you can figure out exactly what your cover photo will look like prior to uploading!

I am so glad I finally got around to making the smart object template for Google Plus, especially since your page is live the moment you create it!

The new Google Plus Profile template pack includes:

  • a raw Google Plus interface (including a text layer so you can put your client’s page name at the top of the page for a completed proof)
  • smart object for the cover photo with (and this is the super nice part) guides and cover-up layers for the profile picture, left side tab, and that odd leftover px that get trimmed off!
  • and of course a smart object for the profile photo at 250 x 250 px.

I’ll be working up a smart object friendly template for twitter in the next few days, but in the meantime enjoy the new Google Plus templates and the Facebook templates!

Download the Google Plus Profile Template

9 thoughts on “Google Plus Profile Template”

    1. The file is just for proofing proposed images to client’s that have a Google Plus account. The only copy right issues would be if you are going to use images that the client does not have rights to use.

      1. Hey,
        I just read yr. reply. N’ I appreciate such responding.
        There’s tiny differences between the layout of the design I downloaded it and the real cover of Google plus.
        Talkin’ ’bout position of Profile-Photo.
        If U have the time please help.
        Again, Thanx.

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