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A strong brand is both an engine to drive revenue, and an organizing principle for your business. A weak brand is – at best – not helping and may actually be harming your revenue, profits, or reputation

The purpose of our No-Nonsense Brand Review is to give you an honest, useful assessment of how effective your current brand is. We'll provide some sound, but brief, recommendations on how you might move forward with your brand – including a tentative appraisal of whether your company needs to invest in a formal branding process.

In order to find out what your brand is doing for you now, we’ll take a look at your existing brand (from your logo and messaging to your collateral and positioning), compare it to the competition, and wrap it all up by assessing it from your audience’s perspective.

If it ain't broke, we won’t try to sell you a fix — and we won’t let you move forward with a broken wheel.
At the completion of the review, you'll receive a custom Brand Review Rundown providing you with our honest (and expert) advice answering:

  • would your brand be well-served by entering into a comprehensive branding process,
  • are you on the right track, or
  • does your brand need to be tweaked or tuned up?

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