Facebook Photoshop Template Updated for 160px Profile Pic

Facebook Photoshop Template Updated for 160px Profile Pic

Posted by on April 25th, 2012

Facebook Profile Template - 160px profile pic updateSimple as the post title puts it… We’ve updated our photoshop Facebook timeline template for the 160px square profile pic update rolling out on April 26th.

Template features:

  • Editable text
  • smart objects make it simple to save out the final images one your layout is approved
  • includes guides for app icon placement

Enjoy the template, and remember to come back and post a link to your timeline if you used the template!

Download the template.



Kandra is influenced in her design by everything from Hubble Space Telescope imagery to the strawberry plants in her garden. Her concepts are known for their characteristic combination of warmth, simplicity and functionality, and for their strong resonance with her clients’ brand and corporate identities.

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5 Comments on “Facebook Photoshop Template Updated for 160px Profile Pic

    Leon says:

    Hi Kandra,

    Thank you for the template!
    We used it for the following page:


    Let me know what you think.
    We still need to add some text to the
    timeline header and customize the app

    Better and better,


    girl games says:

    Nice Facebook Timeline Cover

    robero says:

    The Facebook size change …

    Ramandeep says:

    Thank you for free template

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