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Your Facebook Page Might Need an Update

Recently, Facebook rolled out an update to business Pages. You might have seen the update earlier this summer or you might just now be noticing it.

Here’s a rundown on the redesign:

  • Tabs were replaced with left-hand side navigation
  • Call to Action button is now more prominent
  • Profile image, company name, and categories were moved to the sidebar (they no longer cover up your cover image!)
  • Display ads were removed (they used to be on the right-hand side)
  • Introduction of a new Service area, allowing business to showcase their services
  • Cover image is now cropped when viewing the page on Mobile devices

What does this mean for you?

You might need to update your cover image.

We’ve found that about 80% of the pages we manage needed a new cover image to take advantage of the new layout. The size hasn’t changed, but since the image is no longer obstructed by the profile picture, page name, and categories, we have more room to showcase products, services, and the overall brand.

Be sure to check your cover image on a Mobile device as well.

The new layout now CROPS the cover image on mobile which could result in important visuals being removed or distorted on your cover image.

You could consider adding services to your page.

Just click on the new “Services” tab in the left-hand navigation on your page, and add a service. You can include a name, price, short description, and an image. However, we have noticed that the Services tab doesn’t seem to display to the public yet. So, once you add your services, we’re not sure anyone will see them yet — thank you Facebook.

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