Educating Clients, Part V: Marketing Integration

Throughout this series, we’ve talked about the pre-launch aspects of a project: learning about the client, planning site technology, and developing the content. But the work doesn’t just end after the site has gone live; there’s a lot more to be done to promote your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

We could go on all day about the importance of search engine optimization, but we prefer to let our friends over at SEOverflow do it for us. Take the time to talk to your client about optimizing their site and making full use of search engine potential from the get-go. If organic rankings are an important factor to the client, it is critical to plan the site around the SEO needs. There are various items that can be completed on a site in both planning, and development that will assist the SEO team, and allow them to help the client’s site reach its full potential.

Conversion Rate

One of the best things about a website is that we can change the layout, placement of elements, etc. at any time. Why would you do this? Conversion Optimization! Finding ways to turn more site visitors into customers is an ongoing process. The team at ConversionIQ does an excellent job of both explaining the process and making it work for your site. We often work with them to improve the effectiveness of a site after launch, especially to clients who are already in business and looking to increase the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Multiple Platform Branding

One of the key parts to a recognizable brand is successful integration across all media platforms. This includes social media like Facebook and Twitter; merchandise brought to trade shows; print media like flyers and brochures; and even the logo printed on company envelopes. Keeping the same tone and image on all platforms increases the effectiveness of your brand, and helps build respect and trust for your company’s image.

We ask our clients questions about all of these items, and take the time to help them integrate these ideas with whatever project we are helping them on. By educating our clients on the process, we make sure that they get the very best final product, and that we have the easiest time making it happen.

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