Local First - Public Awareness Mass Transit Campaign

We have been working with Westerra Credit Union since 2004 and love seeing the brand grow and develop. It’s quite rewarding to work with a brand that is so active in the community and offers such high-quality financial resources to all of Colorado. Those of you in Denver might have seen some of the award-winning pieces around town: A full RTD Light Rail wrap, bus boards on the 16th St. Mall Shuttle, and a custom full car wrap. Westerra’s dedication to the Colorado community and top-notch financial services is well represented by these pieces, and we’re proud to be a part of the team responsible for implementing the Westerra brand.

The campaign was focused on building brand awareness for the local credit union and elements are repurposed through many of the local marketing materials.

2016 Gold Marcom Award

2016 MarCom Gold Recipient: Brand Awareness Campaign

Judged to exceed the high standards of the industry norm for public transit and vehicle wraps.

2016 Diamond Award Reciepent

2016 Diamond Award Recipient

 Outdoor for Light Rail (Local Mass Transit) Car Wrap

From last-minute designs on a tight deadline to thoughtful and well-implemented campaigns, they always come through.

We have worked with Phases on many projects, and each time we learn to value their services more and more.
From last-minute designs on a tight deadline to thoughtful and well-implemented campaigns, like the Rapids season sponsorship materials, they always come through.
It's been a pleasure working with Kandra and her team through the years and we look forward to many more.

Seamlessly integrates with our internal marketing staff

One of the reasons Phases Design Studio is so great to work with is that Kandra is able to step in and seamlessly integrate with our internal marketing staff. We’ve used them for our print pieces for years and Kandra’s print background combined with the creative content her team develops make for consistently interesting and effective work.”

Working with Phases Design Studio is a pleasure.

Kandra is knowledgeable and creative. We move fast and we really appreciate everything Kandra brings to our team. She meets our design needs across all mediums with efficient, quality work.

The Solution: A virtual sports team for eCommerce strategies.

Inflow developed a series of strategies that site owners can implement on their site but the "geekery" of inbound marketing, websites, analytics, etc. can be overwhelming to eCommerce site owners. We helped Inflow create a branded theme around the campaign to make the geekery fun and approachable. Starting with their sports concept, the final campaign transformed their offering into a winning marketing strategy for Inflow and a winning offering for their audience.

The Results: Internal confidence, external wins

Confidence is a huge factor in sports success, and in marketing. The final designs provided the internal team with additional confidence in the product they were delivering, and that confidence allowed them to provide wins for each prospect they spoke with. The campaign started with a trade show, complete with follow up strategies, and continues with online efforts including a full inbound campaign with digital offerings and a content article series. The campaign materials allow prospects to get a taste of the winning strategies Inflow can provide for them, and to gain confidence in team Inflow before they sign up for their services.

  • Tradeshow booth and banner design.
  • Marketing "schwag" including t-shirts, rack cards, pens, and notebooks.
  • Digital Playbook /  downloadable content
  • Landing page design and digital marketing assets including social media graphics Call-to-Action promos for inbound conversion.