Finding (and understanding) Your Brand

In 2008, Phases Design Studio co-sponsored a branding contest – Making the Brand – with CreativeXchange Marketing and The Write Stuff, to award a single small business in the Denver Metro area a full branding package, from name, logo, and tagline, to website, print collateral, marketing strategy, and SEO. Renaissance Adventure Guides (RAG) was our inaugural Grand Prize Winner.

RAG received a full brand package including a basic marketing plan, logo and tagline, brochure, stationery, billboards, and website (with Content Management System).

It was almost like she could read our minds and then made it better.

One of the more difficult processes of running our business has always been finding partners with who want open and honest communication. There is a saying in the guiding industry that says “Good friends stab you in the front" — meaning that if you want your clients/partners to succeed you will be upfront with them at all times. Working with Phases Design Studio has been just such a relationship for us.

Over the course of our working relationship with Phases we have been pleasantly rewarded with products requiring little/no revisions. The first project was a new logo. Kandra presented us with four designs; one of which she thought was the best. We asked for some other designs as well and she provided us with two additional proofs. After doing a blind study some of our key clientèle we found that her original suggestion was the winner. Next, we had several intensive meetings to delineate our needs and goals with our new brochure. The result was astonishing for us – a piece that was so close to perfect that it only needed a few small revisions. It was almost like she could read our minds and then made it better. We are currently in progress on our website and we are ecstatic with the initial results.

I highly recommend Phases Design Studio to any business looking to work together with a graphic designer for professional results in a timely manner."

Renaissance Adventure Guides
Renaissance Adventure Guides LLC

The Solution :: Getting in touch with adventure travel’s feminine and spiritual sides

The project turned out to be a huge success – 65% increase in sales! – due to the outstanding teamwork of everyone involved. The root of all this success is our branding process.

We launch every project with an intensive discovery process and follow that up with a solid market and competitor research. In this case, the discovery and research revealed that a large segment of RAG’s target market were women in their late 20s through their 40s who were traveling in part for self-discovery and rebirth (“to find themselves…” as the new tagline puts it). Their brand on the other hand (except for the name), was pretty much geared toward teenage boys. Our demographic research enabled us to instantly and significantly improve RAG’s bottom line.

The Results :: A full brand package allowed this company to truly find itself

  • Logo and tagline
  • Effective website and print collateral design
  • Stationery
  • Powerful Search optimized web content
  • Billboards
  • Content Management System
  • Marketing plan
  • SEO services