Keeping Pace with Company Growth

Peak Communications combines 75 years of telecom experience with deep roots in Colorado to provide its clients with a full range of communications technology and personalized services.

We designed Peak Communication's website in early 2000 as part of an overall branding project. Over the years Peak's growth began to outstrip the capabilities of their website. When it was time to revamp the website, we had 2 major goals in mind: maintain the brand equity we had helped them establish and build over time, and increase the number of visitors to the site who became actual customers.

Fine attention to detail, and highly developed creative and practical inspiration.

Phases Design Studio creatively and professionally produced Peak Communication's trade dress and every other company and marketing resource we use. As a start-up company specializing in the sales of telecommunications equipment and services, we required everything necessary to present an impressive and exciting image of the business to potential customers. Armed with our suggestions, vision and preferred concepts, Phases transformed those into an attractive and impressive logo, mark, and a high-quality letterhead and proposal design, that they then applied to the company's web site and marketing materials.

Mrs. Churchwell has fine attention to detail, and highly developed creative and practical inspiration. Her work product is emblematic of her skills, and her personal and professional attributes show through in each and every piece she generates. In our opinion, Phases Design Studio is a one stop shop with skills and abilities that rival the larger and more expensive marketing firms and ad designers.

Michael A. Smith

The Solution :: A website that's capable of evolving along with your company and brand

As we rebuilt Peak's website we needed to continue to support their existing brand while implementing new features, and customizing the messaging and the structure of the content. In addition, we helped to implement a custom Content Management System (CMS) to make it easier for Peak to update their content, blog, and cross-promote products on their own.

We also implemented product-specific request forms to provide visitors an online experience as individualized as the in-person Peak experience, making the purchasing process as simple and easy to follow as possible. An easier decision path to purchase increased visitor conversions and improved Peak’s bottom line. Finally, we provided customer registration forms that allowed Peak to streamline their entire customer service process.

The entire process went remarkably smoothly because of our long-term relationship with Peak and our deep understanding of the goals and objectives of their brand and of the website redesign.

The Results :: An updated website that maintains a solid brand while building flexibility and scalability right in

  • Website redevelopment for expanded customer base
  • Updated CMS for quick site updates, blogging, etc
  • Revamped and restructured content
  • Product-specific messaging, images and forms
  • Customer registration features