A Professional Brand for Online Retail Entrepreneurs

LotionLites produces a line of unique, luxurious skin care products designed for men and women who want the best for their body and skin. The product is fantastic, but growth was stagnant due to ineffective, Do It Yourself branding.

The company had been successful in face-to-face retail, where they could explain and demonstrate the benefits of the product to the customer, but online sales were basically limited to reorders. While the site had a limited ecommerce capability, the system was difficult to track and the messaging wasn’t effectively targeted to the purchasing audience.

The Solution :: Bring the quality of the brand to par with the quality of the product

We rebuilt the LotionLites brand from scratch, designing a new logo, renovating the website, and producing beautiful, classy print pieces that showcase the calming, soothing nature of the products. The new brand includes specifications for photography, colors, presentation of materials and messaging.

The target market for LotionLites is discerning and upscale, so the new look and messaging is formulated to strike a relaxing, spa-like, aspirational tone. At the same time, to replicate the success of the face-to-face sales, we worked hard to integrate an educational element as well.

The end result is an understated, yet powerful brand that appeals to the sensibilities of an audience looking to “enlighten their senses.”

The Results :: A professional, luxury brand for unique, luxurious products

  • Logo and messaging
  • Print materials and catalog
  • Website design
  • Coordination of back end and eCommerce solutions