A Winning Design for 3 Winning Plays

We've been working with Inflow since day one of their company. Watching them grow and witnessing the successes they provide for their clients is often a highlight for our work days. Providing rock-solid high-quality resources for their clients is a keystone to their brand. We recently helped them create a winning design for new offering — centered around providing eCommerce site owners with 3 Winning Plays to implement on their site.

2017 Gold Marcom Award

2017 MarCom Gold Recipient:
Strategic Communications | Marketing/Promotion Campaign

Judged to exceed the high standards of the industry norm for marketing promotion campaign "3 Winning Plays".

Thank you for all your hard and excellent work.

Not sure if anyone from our team reached out already, but I want to let you know the IRCE event went very well. The booth and all the material really came together and looked great. And our messages and approach seemed to be well received and attractive to our audience. Thank you for all your hard and excellent work.

Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Just want to second what Forrest said, everything surrounding this campaign from the booth to the handouts to the ebook came out amazing. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Working with you was just what this campaign needed.

Ditto Forrest and Mike's comments. Working with you was just what this campaign needed. Thanks Kandra!

The Solution: A virtual sports team for eCommerce strategies.

Inflow developed a series of strategies that site owners can implement on their site but the "geekery" of inbound marketing, websites, analytics, etc. can be overwhelming to eCommerce site owners. We helped Inflow create a branded theme around the campaign to make the geekery fun and approachable. Starting with their sports concept, the final campaign transformed their offering into a winning marketing strategy for Inflow and a winning offering for their audience.

The Results: Internal confidence, external wins

Confidence is a huge factor in sports success, and in marketing. The final designs provided the internal team with additional confidence in the product they were delivering, and that confidence allowed them to provide wins for each prospect they spoke with. The campaign started with a trade show, complete with follow up strategies, and continues with online efforts including a full inbound campaign with digital offerings and a content article series. The campaign materials allow prospects to get a taste of the winning strategies Inflow can provide for them, and to gain confidence in team Inflow before they sign up for their services.

  • Tradeshow booth and banner design.
  • Marketing "schwag" including t-shirts, rack cards, pens, and notebooks.
  • Digital Playbook /  downloadable content
  • Landing page design and digital marketing assets including social media graphics Call-to-Action promos for inbound conversion.